Diego has played dramatic and comedy roles acting in Chinese and English language, performing stunts and fight choreographies, side by side with major Chinese action stars like Jackie Chan, Max Zhang and Vincent Zhao in several movies and TV series, under the direction of Guang Hu, Stanley Tong, Scott Waugh, Cong Jiang and Jingle Ma among the others.

Main Works

(*the following are production dates, and not release dates)

Career as a Mercenary


China, 2020

ROLE: Ike Bayer

(main villain)

Counterstrike 《反击》

China, 2020

ROLE: Leon

(main villain)

Lock & Load

《神兵特攻》China, 2020

ROLE: Steven

(secondary villain)

China Special Forces 《特战荣耀》China, 2019

ROLE: Jason

(secondary role)

Killer Bee Invasion

《杀人蜂入侵》China, 2019

ROLE: Jason

(secondary lead)


China, London, Taiwan 2018-2019

ROLE: Blue Dog

(supporting role)

Chosen II

《杀无赦II》China, 2019

ROLE: Jason

(secondary villain)

The Eight Hundred


China, 2017-2018

ROLE: Italian Military Observer

(supporting role)

Ip Man 4

《叶问4》China, 2017

ROLE: Challenger


Europe Raiders


China, 2016

ROLE: Russian Thug